4 ★ = priority:

  • [Spiral Alive] by Shirodaira Kyo & Mizuno Eita. ★★★★
  • [Bocchi Biyori] ★★★★
  • [Pokonyan] ★★★★
  • [Sengoku Basara comic anthology] ★
  • [Saga of QueenKnight] ★
  • [Tokyo Majin cd] ★★

Possible Future

  • [Puzzle] by Yamada Yuusuke, drawn by Sanbe Kei. ★★★★
  • [Pangaea] by Asano Rin. A random title I found.

Other To-do

  • Convert slideshow format for some series to mouseover translations. Hiki complete. Mushiuta next.
  • Fix Chrome issue (is it only Chrome?) where cached images are returning 0 dimensions = notes are not showing up properly.


Usually dropped if a scanlation group picks it up/releases.

  • [NG Life] All parts available in English online.
  • [Dear] By Fujiwara Cocoa. Scanlators took up this project again. But releases have slowed down. May summarize the rest of the volumes.