By MINEKURA Kazuya. The series's Japanese name is "Shiritsu Araiso Koutou Gakkou Seitokai Shikkobu".

The two main characters are the same as Minekura's other work "Wild Adapter". There is no relation in terms of story so consider this a completely different story that just uses the same character designs.

The series has two volumes in total. The last release in English I've read is chapter 10, and the group scanlating it is inactive. I can't find anything about them and their site's gone. Anyhoo, only a bit left to finish off the series!

Major note: The name of the club "shikkoubu" was translated as "executives" in the scanlator's releases and on many other English sites. But - "executive committee"? What does that say about what they do? Indeed they are like executives, but "executive committee"... So I'm going with "shikkou bu" translated as "enforcement division" [of the student council]. For ease of finding these chapters, I've kept "Executive Committee" as its listing on the projects page, but henceforth will be using "Enforcement Committee". My language skills aren't so great, but even if "executives" is a more correct translation, I think "enforcement" is better English and a better description. You can clearly understand why Tokitou and Kubota go around kicking ass now.


Volume 02