By UEDA Shinshu. It's like a zombie story in terms of atmosphere, but with more character development and spends most of its time set before the place is overrun. Like the calm before the storm, things are a-stirring. Our protagonist is Nagasawa Takashi, a high school student who gets infected by the "Nightshift" and develops superhuman abilities. But seeing as he's infected, he's bound to become a monster himself. All the while hiding everything from everyone and still going to school, he's at the whims of a shady doctor who promises to treat him - if he takes care of the Nightshift problem. It's a shoujo title but you know, the good kind. Not sparkly.

This is still being scanlated by a great group (albeit slowly), but after reading releases I couldn't wait for the rest. I really liked it :D And after reading the ending, I liked it even more.

Please note the original scanlators called the Biology club president "Director". I use the title "President", even if the literal translation is "director". I don't think her name is ever given.