By IWAI Kyohei and MIZU Seijuurou. Sci-fi with a unique premise. Bugs, or Mushi started to appear in the last decade and are unique to each person. When a person possesses a Mushi, they are known as Mushitsuki or Hosts. Mushi are generally hidden except when they're using their powers (or just communicating with their Mushitsuki) and no adults seem to have any. Their origin and purpose are a mystery, but there seems to be a deep connection to "dreams" - when you were young, what was your dream?

Mushiuta has a light novel series, a "side-story" light novel series called Mushiuta Bug, an anime, and this two-volume manga. In this manga, the characters and overall storyline are chiefly the same as the main series/anime, but it also takes its own spin on some things. For anime-watchers, this manga also fills in the gap between episodes 4 and 5.

Translation notes: will be using the English versions of proper nouns from Mushiuta's Wikipedia page.

A big theme of Mushiuta is finding one's place in life (居場所 ibasho). It sounds much more mundane in English, "place". But IMHO it's quite loaded - place in life, a place you really belong, a role you can fill that is meant for you. Somewhere you can always return to, that you know is waiting for you.