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This page appears again, "It is the highest and worst Boy meets Girl!"

Hahah. Right.


Glasses lady: Hey, won't let you let me hear your dream? Don't be afraid.

Glasses lady: ... Come now.

Shiika wakes up from her dream/nightmare.

Shiika: ... Huh? This is...

The door opens and she's greeted by someone: Heeey.

Rina: You okay? Sounded like you were having a nightmare.

Shiika: Ah... Tachibana-san. I'm fine.

Shiika thinks: Right... Yesterday...

Rina: Okay then. Breakfast will be ready in a bit.

Shiika: Ah... Thanks. I didn't have anywhere to stay yesterday, so you really helped me out.

Rina: Ahaha. What're you saying, the one who was helped out was me. And also...

Rina: Just call me "Rina". And you don't have to use "-san" ※. That's... how I do things with my friends.

※ Japanese has several levels/forms of politeness. One of them is 丁寧語 (teineigo). It's not a particularly high level of politness, but definitely above what friends use (which can be very casual especially when they're about the same age).

Shiika: Ah... yes. Ah- ... yeah. ※

※ In Japanese even "yes" has different levels of politeness.

Rina: That's it. *notices kettle* Oops, the kettle's boiling!

Shiika: Ah... Please le-... I'll help! Rina!

Rina: Ahaha, thanks. Then, there's another apron in that room.

Shiika: Got it.

Shiika: Uwaah... Rina... this!

Rina: Aah... sometimes I paint as a hobby. It's just some doodles.

Shiika: It's not just doodles...! I don't know much about art, but I thought it was pretty.

Shiika: I'd like to see more of your paintings.

Rina: ... Thanks. But I don't have time to paint anymore.

Shiika: Because... you're fighting the guys from yesterday?

Rina: Because I'm a simple person... When I do something, I can only focus on the one. For everyone who lost it, I'm going to take back our places in life. For me, that's most important.

Rina: By the way, what were you doing in the park yesterday? On a date with your boyfriend?

Shiika: He wasn't my boyfriend! It wasn't a date!

Rina: Pfft... ahahahah! That's how it is, I see! Gotcha, gotcha!

Shiika: Wh-... why the laughter?

Rina: ... No, I was thinking that just the other day I heard the same thing... (Huh? Wasn't it just yesterday.)

Rina: But be careful, because you're cute. Don't get caught by suspicious guys... for example, push-over honours students or cocky punks.

Shiika's sharp: Rina, you like guys like that?

Rina: Wh- Why would you think that!?

Shiika: Eh... Well, somehow...

Rina: You know! Those guys just now, one of them is an enemy! The asswad from yesterday... SEPB's "Kakkou", the lowest of amoeba! No way in hell would I fall for a jerk like that.

Shikka: Eh!? "Kakkou"?

Rina: What, Shiika, do you know "Kakkou"?

Shiika: Eh? Um... no.

Rina: Right... Almost all the Mushitsuki who meet that guy become Fallen. If you come across him, make sure you run away.

Shiika thinks to herself: Is that right... "Kakkou"-kun... you're still working hard...

Rina: Ah! But! The other guy is nothing like "Kakkou". A plain classmate of mine... When I see him... I think about painting or not.

Shiika: Rina, how cute.

Rina: Wai-! What, stop that, all of a sudden!

Shiika: Ahahah, but if he saw your face like this, he'd definitely fall for you.

Rina: It's no good... I'm no good...

Shiika: Why...? Because you're... a Mushitsuki?

Rina: No! Not that! It's not that!

Rina thinks: ... It's because...

Rina thinks: ... Because I killed my own father.

Rina explains: He was the worst father ever. He was only good on the outside but at home he always beat my mother. When I was young, I thought about nothing else but killing him.

Rina: My mother got sick from the stress... And then she died like that. I thought I was next... But I didn't want to end up like my mom... Before I get killed, I'll kill him... that's what I thought then. I became a Mushitsuki.

Shiika: Rina...

Rina: When I got my hands on that power, the first thing I did was kill that old man. By then I already... would lose to no one.

Shiika: Rina.

Rina: I wouldn't let myself get trampled on. With this power, next time... I'll take care of those SEPB bastards.

Shiika: That's enough, Rina.

Rina: They're parasites that survive by trampling over their own Mushitsuki who are weaker. Those guys, I'll definitely...

Shiika: Enough, Rina!!

Shiika: That's enough... Rina.

Rina: That's why I... I don't want people to see the real me. I'm not someone they need around.

Shiika: That's not true... If it were the person you liked... he'd definitely understand you.

Rina: ... Hey. What's your dream, Shiika?

Shiika: Eh?

Shiika: I... I want to belong somewhere. A place that will always forgive me, no matter what I've done.

Rina: ... That's similar to my dream. Then I'll make it, your own place. That's a promise.

Said by Rina earlier: ... I've gotten thirsty after all this talk. Think you could go buy some juice?

Said by Shiika earlier: Ah... I'll go. I want to use the time out to think over some things... ※

※ Not sure if this was said out loud to Rina or just in Shiika's head in the past.

Shiika: If Daisuke-kun... could also understand me...

Daisuke: ... Anmoto-san?

Impeccable timing, bro.

Shiika thinks: Daisuke-kun!? What!? Why!? What a coincidence... After we were split up yesterday... He's mad... He hates me... I don't want to be hated!!

Daisuke: What a relief! That I could meet you again!

Shiika: Eh!?

Daisuke: After we were split up yesterday... I was wondering whether we'd be able to meet again... This is fantastic!

Shiika: Y-... You're not mad?

Daisuke: No way! No worries. It seemed like something was bothering you yesterday too. It's already such a relief for me just to be able to meet with you now.

Shiika: Mm... Sorry. But why're you here now?

Daisuke: Hm? Ah... I just happened to be passing by... Hold up! You just... called me "Daisuke-kun"... ※

Shiika: Ah... sorry... I shouldn't?

Daisuke: Eh!? No, no, it's okay!

※ It's been a while since I read this so I can't remember what she called him before, but it must've been more formal and thusly distant.

Daisuke: More like that's good. My friends always call me that.

Shiika: ... Then if you could also call me "Shiika"... Me too... My friends always call me that.

Daisuke: ... Got it. Then... Shiika...

Shiika: ... Mmhm.

Daisuke: Are you... free tomorrow?

[ The next day]

In the Art room.

Rina thinks: That's the first I've talked about that... I haven't spoken about the past to anyone before. Why is that... Our dreams... They're similar, mine and Shiika's...

Rina thinks: And also...

Shiika: Rina! Rina!

Rina: Welcome back. What's up, Shiika?

Rina: Eh!? You bumped into your boyfriend and are going on a date tomorrow!?

Shiika: No... He's not my...

Rina: That's great, Shiika!!

Shiika: ... Yeah. It's so great.
/end flashback

Rina thinks: ... What a cute kid. Honest and kind... It's not right that a girl like doesn't have somewhere to belong...

[ dokun (sfx I think)]

Rina thinks: My dreams have almost all been eaten up. Until then, I need to create a place for Shiika... for everyone. For that reason... no matter what, that guy...

Daisuke: Oh? Tachibana-san?

Rina: Kusuriya... What do you want? There's no school today.

Daisuke: Yeah... I know that already. I have something to do later so I have some time to kill... What about you?

Rina: Nothing to do with you.

Daisuke: Ah, you came here to paint. What're you painting?

Rina in a small voice: Model for me.

Daisuke: What?

Rina: You came to kill time! I'm asking you specially to model for my painting! If you get it, hurry up and sit down in front!!!!

/tsundere -o_-o

Daisuke: Guess I will then. Since you specially asked so directly.

Daisuke: The truth is... I came to look for your painting. I said I'd sneakily looked at your picture before but... At that time... I wanted to remember what feeling I had at that time.

Rina: What a terrible hobby. Like a peeper.

Daisuke: No... Sorry. But I can say this: your painting can really gives something to people. Even though the one saying this can only make scribbles. But that's a certainty.

Daisuke: Done?

Rina: ... Yeah.

Daisuke: Somehow it doesn't look like me.

Rina: ... I think so too.

Daisuke: Yeah, I thought so. I really like your pictures. I hope you draw more and more.

Rina: Sorry but... I've decided to stop painting.

Daisuke: ... Are you serious?

Rina: I came here today as my last time.

Daisuke: I'd like to see the world as you see it, Tachibana-san. I'm jealous of you. You can give anyone anything with just your art. Because you've really found your place in life. ※

※Hope I got this right. He doesn't specifically say "art" but "in this way", which I assume refers to her art.

Daisuke: Okay well, I'm off. See you later.

Rina, crying: How...

Rina: How can you say that even now...?

Rina: ... I didn't paint that...

Rina's cellphone rings and she picks it up.

Rina: ... Hello?

Voice: Ah! Yoohoo! It's me!

Rina: Aah... You, huh.

Voice: ... What's with that. You still can't trust a former SEPB member?

Rina: Whatever. And?

Voice: News hot off the press~ ♪

Rina: You know where Fuyuhotaru is and what he's up to?

Voice: It'll be a great opportunity to secure the Mushitsuki who just recovered from being a Fallen. There'd be no point in letting him escape now, you know? As the leader of the "Mushibane".

Rina: Don't misunderstnd. That isn't our only objective. Creating a place for Fuyuhotaru, for all the Mushitsuki- For me, that is of utmost importance.


Interestingly, the little text by Kakkou reads: When Kakkou uses his revolver, I always thought it'd be a challenge for him to reload.

Comments by the artist (Mizu Seijuurou) about the author (Iwai Kyouhei) and illustrator of the original novels (Ruroo a.k.a. LLO). I think, anyway. Far as I can tell, he just signed off with "Until next time in the 2nd volume". =_=

Comments by the author (Iwai Kyohei).

LLO congratulating for having the first volume on sale.

/end ch4.