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Extra Episode

Extra Episode: Readying for Battle

1st frame, Lady: Mushitsuki should have all a place to live.

2nd frame, Lady: "Kakkou". SEPB's trump card, I'll crush you and create a place for all the Mushitsuki.

3rd frame, Kakkou: ... Hah.

Kakkou: Just try it.

Lady: "Nanahoshi"!! DIE!! KAKKOU!!!

Kakkou: As if you could win against me.

Lady: -- Why... are you stopping me!? You've stolen away so many people's dreams so far! Even though you're also a Mushitsuki!! Don't you feel anything for the people who've had their dreams stolen!!?

Fuyuhotaru: What is your dream? ... My dream is...

Kakkou says as the flashback ends: ... Nope, not at all.

Kakkou: Firstly... Fearing your Mushi and resenting your circumstances, being more and more afraid, whatever you do, you'll still lose. And then putting the blame on other people in your anger, not being able to find an enemy in yourself... don't lump me in with your fools.

Lady: ... Don't fuck with me, my enemy is the SEPB!! And you!

Kakkou: ... That's why you're weak. Isn't our enemy right in front of our eyes? The truly weak ones, they know this.

Kakkou: That's why I can continue to fight them.

Another preview for Mushiuta, the novel I guess. 9 volumes of it.

/extra episode end.