I was on the original team that scanlated Spiral and Spiral Alive. I'd been hoarding a few scripts since then.

After our team poofed the project was taken up by another group so I refrained from doing anything. But releases have been slow so I'm going to go do whatever I can because it's a shame that Spiral Alive, after being so active years ago, still hasn't seen its completion.

About past Spiral/Spiral Alive releases: the English of the raw scripts given to me were quite literal without much tone and context. They were tough to understand and I was just beginning to learn Japanese at the time. First few chapters a number of my changes were reverted in QC too. I've improved the English now, but I still can't guarantee meaning. orz


Volume 04

Volume 05

  • Vol 5 - Chapter 22
  • Vol 5 - Chapter 23
  • Vol 5 - Chapter 24
  • Vol 5 - Chapter 25
  • Vol 5 - Chapter 26
  • Vol 5 - Chapter 27
  • Vol 5 - Chapter 28
  • Vol 5 - Omake
  • /fin.