Drama CDs for the anime. There are three CDs, each having four tracks. I'm missing the first volume (tracks 1-4). But I'll try to summarize some of the other ones as best I can.

Okay, it's been a while since I watched the shows and I wasn't paying particular attention to how the characters addressed each other. So I might confuse some of the voices. Especially Anko with Sakurai, and with the Oribe sisters. Fortunately the other main characters are usually easily enough distinguished.

Also, I normally use last names with everyone. But in my head I always think of Anko and Kyouichi with their first names, so that's how it's gonna be. Ah, and maybe the nurse girl, Maiko.

Some of my comments are enclosed in squiggly brackets { }.


Drama CD vol. 02

Drama CD vol. 03