Intriguing story with fitting art. It has a very mysterious feel. Volumes 1, 2, and part of 3 have been scanlated. The last release was years ago and I've been wanting to figure out the ending ever since I last read it, so here we are.

Volume 3 contains chapters 9-13. I'm starting from chapter 12, where the scanlations left off. There are 4 volumes in total.

Okay, bit of a killjoy, but this didn't really feel like it was completed. Unless it was meant to be very open-ended, I'd have liked more closure. But it was a good read. This ended with a "Miroku volume " so whether that's the end of the series or not, I can't say. The book includes two more chapters after this of the mangaka's other works (Crossbone's Detectives and Batorias: The Hound), and I haven't found any other volumes. So AFAIK this is the last. I'd like to hear if anyone else found info about other volumes/status too.