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Free sheet music and corresponding midi's for anime, games, and more! All sheets are for a solo pianist except for those in the Instrumental section. Credits where they're due to the composer (or arranger as indicated), but they were transcribed by me.

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October 25, 2017

Site is back up at new domain - http://amidsquid.com https://oopsowl.com/mus/

Will be slowly.. slowly.. porting over references to the correct URL.

Chatbox will be down for now due to the changes, but you can leave a comment on Tumblr or YouTube.

December 9, 2011

Checking tons of sites for updates sucks. I also don't want to clog this page with non-transcription related stuff but I've been doing that lately because I haven't been transcribing lately. S-so if you care to see what I'm up to, as well as get updates for my site, have a go at http://snomits.tumblr.com. Thanks.

December 1, 2011

My term paper that I started three days ago and is due tomorrow (I've been busy, 'kay) got a three-day extension. So instead... a few months ago I got a cell phone to which I can upload things. Old one didn't have a usb cable or wifi, and I didn't have a data plan - I now have all three. So I cut some sound clips to be used as ringtones because I can actually get them on my phone now. Couldn't decide which to use so I made a few. Might as well make a new "Ringtone" section for your downloading pleasure, hm.

I obviously like Vocaloid/anime/games songs. But didn't want voice so that it's not so obvious where they came from. I also like guitar/metal. So if your tastes are at all like mine, keep tabs on this Ringtone section! It's a good preview of songs I really like.

P.S. Pic to right: and old msn scribble of Link. Peter Pan tunic 'cause it's so suitable, and lack of hair because I was in a rush... But threw it up because no time for doodling now, back to finishing assignments!

October 18, 2011

I reuploaded "Hope" fixing the obvious E# instead of F I typo'd, d'oh. Decided to just leave everything else, even if the LH clashes with the RH.

As usual, transcribing is on the backburner with school back in full force. But I still post new sheets on tumblr, still check the chat box, and will try to occasionally broadcast. The last of which - well, see the link for my 2c. I'd rather do it on my piano (not the cheapo keyboard) but the audio warbles too much.

For Sibelius users, you know Sibelius 7 is out? Since a while ago. But it reminds me of going from MS Office 2003 --> 2007 because of the new ribbon. I don't really like it, TBH. I need the screen space because I split it with another program when transcribing. I was hoping functionality and things like cross-staff broken chord playback would be improved, but so far I don't see any so I'm going to stick with what I use now. Plus it seems to have some resolution issues or something so I can't even click "Okay/Cancel" because it's off my screen and I can't resize/move it enough. Gah.

Today's pic? Keeping warm in my bedroom, the coldest in the house sometimes by 5+ deg Celcius even compared to adjacent rooms. Yesterday was abnormally chilly so I was in full max-warmth gear. Don't get me started on my equip, which includes heaters, blankets thermal and electrical, etc. Today's pretty good though. And yet when I leave the house it's everyone else who is shivering. Looking forward to more ice skating.

September 18, 2011

Hahah adding pics to my posts definitely makes the home page more colourful, so I'm going to try to do that more often. Even if that means scribbling something in MS Paint.

I've added a link to the navigation on the left to my broadcast page. I'm going to try to do that now and then. Please don't go in with any expectations or come out thinking I'm a fraud as a transcriber hahah. I'll either be bashing on a keyboard, playing some piano (probably) music off the comp, or... I dunno, playing some old-school games hahah. Do stop by to chat, ask questions, or whatever, even if you're just asking for where to find sheet music!

Wanna check if I'm live at the moment or if I have anything planned? Check my post on tumblr tagged with #snomits. I hate clutter, so I only have one post that I update. Whenever I make a change, it should pop up on your tumblr news page if you're following me. :)

Oh yeah, and I need to fix the "Hope" sheet music. Will fix/reupload later.

September 12, 2011

'Ello mateys, here's a short Vocaloid transcription. Some of the repeated bits are the same except for a note or two - they're like that in the original arrangement, 'kay. Based on what I can hear. Also, I don't know the proper rules for notation so if you want to play this faithfully to the arrangement, you should listen to it. It's just a matter of (1) holding the first F for a moment before beginning the glissando, and (2) timing the tremelos. No big.

Song's by yuyoyupe, who makes really cool rock-ish songs with fantastic intros. For a good cover, listen to Ren's (【蓮】). Well duh, all his covers are good.

By the way, does the YouTube vid have crackly noise for anyone else? Bad audio processing? I didn't hear it on my avi before uploading.

September 8, 2011

Been thinking I should spend more time practicing instead of transcribing and whatever else it is I do. So I pondered setting up a live broadcast channel for some piano playing... Though playing on my only keyboard probably screws me up more when I go back to a real piano heh. I got as far as setting the channel up, but not all the logistics. Now I need to steel my nerves before going through with this. I'm not such a great pianist to begin with, and my keyboard will only damper things even more, way more. I don't practice enough to not make mistakes (that's why I don't make videos of myself playing songs) but if I'm just messing around... well I still hope it might be helpful, since there's a chat and I'll take questions and stuff. W-would anyone be interested in chiming in? ._.

Notes from Real Life: just met for the first time my classmates and faculty for my program at school today. Oh dear.

August 17, 2011

Another great Nitro+ ending sung by Itou Kanako. I haven’t played many visual novels, but this is one of my favs (maybe favourite?), for sure. The premise is just too spine-tingling: bump on the noggin' causes hapless man's senses to perceive the world as full of guts. First his sight falls, then the rest of his senses follow. Things as plain as the wall, the furniture - they look like disgusting piles of flesh. They smell like it; they feel like it. His perception of other humans doesn't escape this either: they all become grotesque monsters. Enter Saya, cleverly cast as a loli and the only non-messed up aspect of his life.

People clamber over theories about what reality is - but in the end, your reality is what you perceive, right? The brain's just organic bits, chemicals, and electronic transmissions following some unspoken code that powers the body. Nothing so fanciful and evoking of beauty. And when it's not some third-party conspirators screwing around but just some tweaked mechanics from within your own self, the whole situation becomes that much more isolating.

Anyway. I'm glad the game was able to run with the whole concept of distorted perception and reach a satisfactory (in my opinion) ending. Oh yeah, it's a Nitro+ game, so 18+.

As for the sheets, they were transcribed from a "piano and strings ver." that I found a while back. The sheets and midi don't include the strings part. Only the video and mp3 do for aesthetics.

August 15, 2011

100% Yuuki (or 100% Courage in English) is from an old anime that has almost 1500 episodes, as Wikipedia informs me. It's a children's show about ninjas.

I finished doing the rough of 100% Yuuki a couple of weeks ago but wasn't in the mood to revise it because... well it's a mess, the end bit. Evidenced by the sheet music. I have an extra staff both above and below the regular piano staves at the end - plus there're these chords that span two octaves. While it does sound muy cooler to have these super high notes played as well, they're just "echos" of lower notes so aren't vital to play. But do whatever you want with it. I've had enough of trying to wrap my brain around this one!

Even though I've always liked koma'n's piano arrangements, this is the first I've actually transcribed. Either his piano or the audio quality (or both) makes the notes sound very mellow (as opposed to bright - sorry I don't know proper terms for this hahah) so the fast chordy parts seem tough to figure out.

NOTE: On Aug 16th I reuploaded the sheets for this song. In this 2nd version, I separated the high "echo" notes onto another voice so it's easier to read the chords.
July 23, 2011

sora's arrangement of celluloid (original by baker) is done! Turned out I didn't just have some cleaning to do, but I completely missed a few bars hahah.

Also did gon1choko1's arrangement of Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori's OP "NightmaRe". It's a short one, ~1:30mins.

July 19, 2011

Mmyeah, I finished my first run-through of sora's piano arrangement of the Vocaloid song "celluloid". I have a fair bit of fixing in terms of note timing on the sheets so that it fits nicely - the midi/mp3 almost never matches the source anyway because it's a bother. Make consistent the way I did the acciaccaturas (grace notes; although broken chords look neater, they're too slow) and chords (think I'll knock a note outta a bunch). Etc. I'll try to finish up in the next couple of days.

Look up "sora" on Nico Nico Douga and maybe YouTube for more Vocaloid arrangements. I liked this one this most though.

July 11, 2011

Made a new music section: "Partial". For incomplete sheet music - but I might not finish it ever for whatever reason. So I've "completed" as much as I feel like for now, hence "partial".

Since I'm putting these up, the first is Yume, Tokidoki by Marasy. I hope to one day finish this, but it's become difficult to hear the left hand notes with the cacophony. This for the first 1:45 mins. I made a Synthesia video on YouTube!

This is a really nice piano song, IMO. Marasy is renowned for Vocaloid piano arrangements that are quick and brilliant. He has an album out too, "V.I.P. marasy plays vocaloid instrumental on piano", with such arrangements.

June 28, 2011

Umm the original video for the piano part of this song disappeared. One person made a piano arrangement, and then another (A24) used it to back his vocals, for which he made another video. The piano solo video isn't online anymore. Oh well. Here's Donten, Gintama's 5th OP, and a vid of A24's cover.

Befitting a shounen comedy, the original song is very upbeat so this slower version is quite striking. It also fits the show since one of Gintama's strengths is idiocy despite strong - and at times grievous - character backstories (IMO).

June 25, 2011
A little while ago I started this visual novel, "Hanachirasu". Heavy-hearted stuff with a villainous, sword-wielding protagonist who really is an asswipe - and I adore him him all the more for it. There's a lot of swordfighting tactics strewn about, which is good if you're into that, though the VN's pacing is a little haphazard. This is an 18+ game though. FYI.

Anyway, it's pretty short but I haven't finished. There was a song that caught my attention though. After years of training, tragedy, and more bloody years of single-minded endurance toward basic goals, Itou Kanako's voice comes up with this serene song, "Hotarubi" (Firefly Light). She's apparently sang numerous VN songs, which when I took a listen to really set moods.

So I made sheets for it. It loses a lot of its mystique and tranquility on the piano. :( Oh well. Quite a simple song - in fact, its simplicity makes the vocals more sonorous. So I have the RH mostly playing one note at a time and should be louder than the LH, which should be very smooth. I actually tried making a recording of myself playing this to capture the nuances, but my mic sucks. I tried. Also: recording Synthesia full-screen still cripples my computer, even my desktop. <-- which is not so great, but I thought it'd still be able to handle it... So just the pdf/midi again for now, as well as the mp3 for a better listen (via the mp3 player in the left menu). I also used ossia staves and I'm not sure how the formatting should be for them. Frustratingly, I couldn't get Sibelius to show the left barline for one too urrrrghhh.

June 16, 2011

Did a short one as per a request on Ichigo's. A new Zelda huh... if I find out name of this song or if the song's name is released in the future, I'll update the title. It's apparently based off Zelda's Theme backwards. Arranged by Nyozelune's YouTube vid.

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