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... B-because someone must be curious...


Pretty mediocre
Hails from ON, Canada


Piano: Upright Kawai.
Software: Sibelius, ScoreExtractor or whatever.
Transcriber history: After stopping piano lessons, via friend in middle school discovered existence of online sheet music. Started transcribing soon after.
Site history: Started in 2004, had many domain changes. Finally got my own in Dec 09.
Musical background: Piano, 10+ yrs. Stopped after gr8.
Handspan: A pitiful 8 notes, just barely.
Play "style": Sight read everything, not that I'm particularly good (just bore quickly from repetition).
Other instruments: Clarinet in school band when younger / so-so flute / self-learning e-guitar.
Likes: Rock/metal, piano, J-stuff; all over the place, but not art music or mainstream.


  • Night person - easily reverses schedule to be awake 4pm-8am.
  • Speak with an "accent" I cannot hear, unless via a recording.

Random questions? Comments? Throw them up on the chatboard, s'il vous plaît. Delighted to chat.

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