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June 09, 2011

Three minutes of fun with today's Google logo courtesy of some Nico user:

It was pretty nifty, the logo. Figures someone'd make some kind of vid of this already though.

Also, I haven't been transcribing since I'm always feeling lazy after coming home from work. Been posting a lot of sheets on tumblr though. :)

April 24, 2011

Vocaloid piano + voice song by Tamaazu-P. Again, haven't actually tried printing/playing it so notation could be inconsistent. And errors. Do take a listen to the mp3 in the player (sounds better than a midi).

There's also one beat that SOUNDS wrong (A# on the piano LH + A on the voice IIRC) - but I listened to that bit over and over, and it still sounds like an A# to me.

April 17, 2011

I just got over a block of exams. One more left plus my giant thesis paper, but summer's just around the corner! So I spent all of today doing a transcription... 6min song is long. I was really not in the mood for work (moreso than usual) after my exams so far.

My first Vocaloid transcription! TBH I started Yukimine a long time ago but still 3/4 through or so. I'm not good at making out the notes with all the strings in the background.

Okay, I didn't have a karaoke/off-vocal mp3 so I couldn't clearly hear a lot. And I suck at chords. But it sounds close enough to the original. I present to ya the piano version of Packaged (+ Miku's voice) from the Re:Packaged album by livetune.

Update Apr. 18: Fixed a few errors in the sheets. VERY minor. But still. Also added vocal portamentos to the midi... via pitch bends, which doesn't always sound so great (especially for larger intervals). But this way slurred notes aren't played, which was bugging me. Also haven't actually played this on the piano, so if things are in the LH that should be RH, or repetitive bits aren't consistent: too bad. I only catch those when I actually try it out.

Check out the mp3 (albeit with the slurred notes played) in the mp3 player! (Via the link in the site menu to listen to transcriptions. It's the last song on the list.)

March 11, 2011

I like to mess around with sitely stuff too much. Click the link in the menu to the left and preview transcribed songs as mp3s now! (Removed midi player.)

It'll take me a while to make all the mp3s and add them to the player. IMO there's a bit too much sustained pedal in some bits but I'm too lazy to fix that. Enjoy! Let me know what you think!

February 24, 2011

First update of the year, finally. For those not in the know, I often update the chat section with my transcribing progress and plans.

Uninstall wasn't a transcription exactly... the arranger put up sheets in a video. But I did the vocal line and changed the presentation of the notes (i.e. split the treble clef notes into two voices). I know the second voice isn't consistent nor correct: I cut out a bunch of rests so it'd look cleaner. I just wanted to play this myself and this is what's easiest for me to read. I figured if I had to go through all this trouble (and it did take a while, ugh) I'd post this.

This is a piano + vocal version, as was used by ??/piko and in this 3 person youtube video.

December 10, 2010

And this is how you put off writing an essay and studying for exams, my friends: change up site layout.

I actually made this a long, long time ago. It was one of my first layouts and I coded it in tables because I couldn't get this one part to work with divs. Anyway, fixed it up now but more importantly coded some behind-the-scenes stuff that I used to have to manually type out. I just wanted to use my own layout to make this more personal.

Gotta get some better pics for the header. Uhh my taste back then... um. So excuse the sissypants colour scheme. I don't have the original psd files anymore.

Oh, bullocks... I forgot to check if this works on other browsers. This has only been tested on the latest Firefox and IE. Please don't be shy and do let me know if it isn't working for ya.

November 24, 2010

As per a thread with the request for this song (unknown title):

November 12, 2010

Something a friend found.

Gotta love the pitch bends.

November 01, 2010

I just spent an unholy amount of time putting together a MIDI player for my transcriptions. See link in left sidebar.

Still a lot of issues and features yet to be implemented:

  • "Volume" graphic on the right doesn't do anything.
  • >> or << buttons not implemented either.
  • After a song ends, another doesn't automatically start.
  • Songs with apostrophes in the artist or title don't play.

^ Just a list for me to remember what needs to be done. I only tested it on my own version of Firefox. Do let me know if it doesn't work for ya and what browser you're using, thanks.

October 30, 2010

Thanks to gon1choko1 for the arrangement and letting me make sheets.

I'm planning on doing NightmaRe from Jigoku Shoujo next, also by the same arranger. I haven't listened to any of his/her other stuff, but I might do some more if I find some I like.

I wanted to have more lines shown on the vid and Sibelius scorch was an easy/clean way, but for some reason it separates my midi channels. So then the virual keyboard can only play back the left or right hand at a time. Anyone know anything about this? Alternatives? I like having the keyboard up so I scratched using Scorch for now.

Happy Halloween!

October 23, 2010

So I find a lot of my piano sheets by simply searching "sheet music" on Nico Nico or w/e. Today I came across this gem:

It's one thing to compile these. It's another to have working sheet music for it, hahahah.

... Makes me feel a bit of a geek. But heck, it made me raise a brow. And for me, that's as good a reaction as any.

The brother always assures me that I've long since hit the geek mark, ever since I knew what thAC0 was. Tch, that's his influence.

September 5, 2010

Sakurabito's up now. Is a Bleach ED by SunSet Swish. Arranged for the piano by 16hiromi. Search on YouTube for his video.

Update: back to school next week. Gotta wrap up work before that and party hard 'afore classes start. In other words, again I probably won't be very active from now. Will be updating links to sheets in my Tumblr log though. But my goal of at least finishing Purity of Your Smile this summer, success!

September 1, 2010

Can't believe it's September already. Only one more week of freedom for me. Throughout the day I spent my time clicking on the "add" button to add a course for school via the online system. Course was full, was waiting for someone to switch out so I could get in. Terrible system. It's extremely slow and bogs down very easily.

So I added an articles section where I could dump my ramblings. Also where I tried to answer some questions that I see asked around. It'll have some lists of suggested songs based on difficulty or for duets, for example. Hope these are useful! I encourage you to leave questions/issues/comments about anything - anything! - so I can run my mouth - or fingers rather, I'm doing a fine job of achieving carpal tunnel at this rate - off some more.

Yes, I know I still have to finish Purity of Your Smile.

July 30, 2010

I hadn't realized Not So Far Away (Studio A arrangement) from Ragnarok Online wasn't on the list here after changing the site design. Well, it's back now. And I do so like all of their arrangements.

July 29, 2010

Here's the about the first minute of Purity Of Your Smile at least. I've been more into finding sheets (vs making them myself) and in terms of noise to the ears, TBH I'd rather have piano sheets for some other songs. So I haven't much been working on this at all heh. But it'll get done! Eventually.

Partway transcribing, I doubled the note values so, for example, all 16th notes become 8th, and 8th become 1/4 notes. That gets rid of the 32nd notes and more importantly helps it start bars on the right note (unless it should be in 2/4 time?). Whether it's less "correct" or not, I'd appreciate the opinion on which is preferred. Else I'm working with the doubled version and uploading the sheets as I go, so it's further along than the non-doubled pdf.

  • Ragnarok Online - Purity Of Your Smile (arranged by Studio A) - incomplete!
  • Ragnarok Online - Purity Of Your Smile (arranged by Studio A) - incomplete! + doubled ver.
See September 3's update!

Dude, by the way, it's not "snawmits". I used the name for some other things before and when I heard friends pronounce it snawmits it irked me to no end. I mean, why? How are you getting that pronounciation? It was originally "snow mitts". You know. Snow mitts. Sounds like that. But recently my brother pointed out the urbandictionary definition. Damnit. Really? Such a word is used? ... Really? But it's such a downer to change the url/name again and all the nice people who linked to my stuff would have going to have broken links. Tch. So just remember: it's pronounced "snow".

June 12, 2010

Another update on status: Trying out something else for transcribing, and that should suffice so I'd get back to transcribing but... (1) Exam next week; (2) Going on va-kay right after for about two weeks. Vacation. Cruise. First time I'll have ever been on one. Nifty. I'm working for the rest of the summer, but I'm hoping to get at least finish one piece. I won't be going back to it until July though because of (1) and (2).

This is what I have my eyes on: Requiem from Phantom (the anime) - just noticed this has been transcribed; sry to the requester back in Jan. =_=, Purity of Your Smile from Ragnarok Online (arranged by Studio A), Saihate by one of the Vocaloid producers (piano arrangement). If I ever finish those, perhaps Just Be Friends another Vocaloid one (arranged for the piano + voice) and Evening Sun Slope, but they're freaking long at 6 mins. Studio A's 5 min songs were long enough for me. But if sheets come out for these songs before I get to them, all the better. Then I can play them without slaving over making sheets hahah.

Check out the new Future songs page to get a listen of the songs.

While I'm at it, you know what sheets I also want: piano arrangement of Shangri-La by Angela Aki (also used in the Fafner anime, of which I can't remember the full name of 'cause I never watched it). :x

Hope everyone's having a stupendous summer!

April 17, 2010

Changed layout. I really didn't like looking at the previous one. Could barely read it. I only used it because it was the only layout I had lying around - which was one of the earliest versions of this site. Think six years ago. Has it really been that long? Ah. I had a lot of plans for making my own layout and things, but in the end I decided not to bother.

Check out my Tumblr for new sheets! All with videos too. Again, not made/uploaded by me but some are of the newest anime OPs out there. You might be hard pressed to find some of these because I'm grabbing most from Nico Nico Douga or non-English sites.

April 8, 2010

D'oh. I still can't get things working, what I use for transcribing. Um. That's just unfortunate. I'm stumped. It's complaining that I'm missing a .dll file even though it clearly exists in the right folder. And it just happened all of a sudden.

In the meantime, I've tossed up a tumblr blog sort of thing, to plop down vids/songs I find (they weren't made/transcribed/uploaded by me) especially if sheet music's available. Most will be from Nico Nico Douga or rando Japanese sites. If it's already on YouTube or on an English site, some good Googling would be all it'd take, right? But there are actually a lot of good transcriptions out there that just haven't reached the English community because of the language barrier. Not that I'm fluent. But there are times I want some sheet music enough to sift through everything.

So far just a few medleys are up, and I'll be focusing on Vocaloid and Touhou songs for a bit. Programmed voices never appealed to me, but I recently tried some out and found the songs themselves quite catchy. I've listened to some utattemita covers (real people singing the Vocaloid songs), which sound much better IMO. Well, depending on the singer since they're not professionals (*cough* many are... well, not so great). What I like most about the songs are admittedly the back stories, animations, and - how best to describe - the broad range they cover. Violin, traditional songs, what sounds more folk, mmhmm. There're some nice piano arrangements out there too, like "Just Be Friends", "Uta ni Katachi wa nai keredo", and "Itsuka Egao, Itsumo Egao". I've only managed to find piano + voice sheets for the last of those three, but there're solo piano versions of the first two around. On top of that, collaborations between 2, 8, 15 singers exist - those can be quite neat.

Enough rambling about that. I just discovered the OP for Durarara!! (Uragiri no Yuuyake) while at it, so I added the video + sheet to the tumblrthing.

I'll be trying to update it pretty frequently since all the hard work was already done by the performer/arranger bwahah.

February 23, 2010

Spam galore in the shoutbox... replaced with a rando chat room thing I just discovered. Hope that works alright for now.

January 19, 2010

Just an update since December: I've fixed the links to the Gundam songs and re-added Mosaic Kakera from Code Geass (all in anime section).

Next song I started was Requiem from Phantom's OST (the anime). It was requested on ichigos.com and I do find it nice, yet short piece. I thought I'd have it done a while ago but - hahah! - not so. I'm slow like that.

Glad to see the Shoutbox being used :D Just pointing it out to those who don't know of its existence. Easier to check than e-mail.

December 26, 2009

Been sitting on this for a little while, not feeling up for "double-checking" when I finished writing out the notes the first run. Have a good Christmas/New Year's/Holiday!

December 20, 2009

Wow, okay. I've been off the scene for AGES. And then finally my site got an unrighteous boot so I've moved it and - what's this - finally gotten my own domain! So I was waiting for a killer deal because I can't spend the extra coupla bucks... by that I mean just a few days. But exam weeks are terrible. Everything is on a complete hold until they're over.

Anyway, I'm on a break right now so I've some plans for this. In the meantime I've gone back to my roots and put up my super-old site, thanks to Wayback Machine. This means a good chance of broken links and songs I've done after the site change in 2007/2008 probably haven't been added yet. I'll be checking on that first, then starting to work on some things to redesign the site. Nothing complicated in aesthetics: I want it super minimalistic but to include some features that I haven't tried to integrate before. I'm also halfway through another Studio A arrangement of a Ragnarok Online song!

At least the site's back!! :D Download, grab, snatch, nab a ton of sheets!